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Auto Accidents

One of my main specialties is auto crash cases. I have been specially trained in several components of understanding the injuries that someone gets after an auto crash.  This allows me to give you a custom treatment plan for success.

Part of my training has been to know that injuries with accidents with a low speed, such as 2.5 miles per hour and above can lead to injuries to you.

Some people wonder why they are in so much pain after an accident.  There can be a lot of complicating factors involved in your case and I specialize in getting to the bottom of them and letting you know honestly what is happening.  I keep detailed records of every visit to make sure you are getting the improvements needed.

I have received several certifications and attended post-doctorate education that has prepared me to be clinically excellent when assisting with your motor vehicle case.  (If you are an attorney, these post-graduate certifications were taught from medical and chiropractic academia.).
Visit the About page of this website for more details about the education and certifications received. 

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I have been seeing a Chiropractor for years and years and probably seen a dozen in my life. Dr Rice is the best because he handles my problems.  He doesn’t mask the problem or keep me going he really HANDLES the problem.   From tips on supplements, workouts and his amazing adjustments I am really happy with all his help. I am a firefighter and use my body a lot. Recently, I had a problem Dr. Rice isolated and completely resolved it. Thank you and I would recommend Dr. Rice to anyone!
– Ryan I.