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Our 5 Star Reviews!

Dr. Rice helped me recover both physically and mentally from a car accident. Not only is he good at what he does, he’s a delight to talk to and truly cares about who he is helping. I’m very thankful to have met him this year, and recommend him to anyone who is looking for an honest, good chiropractor.

Alyssa R | Jan 2024

I could not be more grateful for Dr. Rice. I came in feeling extremely down and frustrated because I was feeling off balance for the three weeks prior. I have been struggling with Vertigo on and off for 15 years. After 2 sessions, I have felt on balance every day and haven’t had to take my medication. Thank you Dr. Rice.

Nicky G | Dec 2023

I was suffering from a debilitating sciatica issue in my lower back, to the point where I couldn’t play with my kids and really could barely get up off the floor some days. I went in for an evaluation with Dr. Rice and I could tell after talking with him for a bit, that he genuinely cared about what was going on with my back and how it was impacting my life. After running tests and scans he put together a plan to help me get rid of this issue that I have been having on and off for years. My back, and body overall, feels the best it has felt in years, and I have resumed my normal active lifestyle with my family because of his expertise and treatment. If there was a way to give more than five stars, I would. Thank you Dr. Rice.

Andy R | Dec 2023

Had severe migraine for a week from my neck muscles pulling on my head. Had to take 3 days off of work. 1st visit he did a scan and evaluation and did a small adjustment which brought some relief which no medication was helping with. 2nd visit gave me much more relief. And after the 3rd visit it’s almost all gone. Looking forward to going back and getting my back and posture back on track!

Neon S | Oct 2023

I was in a car accident that messed up my back neck and shoulder and I feel extremely lucky to have come across Dr. Rice. One of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. He had me walking up right again within a matter of a few sessions and had me back into working shape within a matter of weeks. Truly miraculous work and an amazing experience overall. 10/10 thank you.

Storm A | Aug 2023

Dr. Rice is the Man!!

Karlee's K | Jun 2023

5 stars all around! Most definitely the Best chiropractor I have Ever been to! Listens to your concerns and actually address’ them! Very helpful and understanding, professional and friendly approach to patients. I can literally see the difference in my posture in no time at all. I will absolutely be continuing to come see Dr. Rice!

Megan N | May 2023

Dr Rice is wonderful. He’s knowledgeable and it’s obvious that he cares deeply for his patients + he’s funny too! Highly recommend!

Sherri R | Feb 2023

I’ve been coming to Dr. Rice since I moved to San Diego last summer, shortly after I hurt my back. Not only his treatment sessions improved my back, but my posture was well-adjusted! Highly recommend!!!

Ember L | Feb 2023

Dr. Rice is an outstanding chiropractor. He listens to your needs on every visit and not only provides immediate relief but also provides helpful advice and resources to maintain a healthy body. His colleague Lauren also aids in the relief and recover process and her care and warmth is always inviting. I would recommend Dr. Rice to anyone looking to live a healthier life.

Riley W | Feb 2023

This review is overdue but very much deserved, I can’t even put it all into words how much I was helped by Dr. Rice. LIFE CHANGING!
Before becoming a patient, I would end my desk job day with lower back pain so bad that I would want to cry and could not do a lot after work because I needed to lie down and rest my back to make it feel better so I could at least do 1 MAYBE 2 errands on a good day.
When I first became a patient Dr. Rice first asked me about my goals beyond our sessions so that we both knew what we were working towards. After only three months, I am a whole new person!!
I can now finish my work day without pain, and I have energy to actually do things after work! I can now go to the gym four times a week after work and still have the ability to run whatever errands I have time for without pain. The breakthrough moment for me was when I was able to do my laundry AND clean my room on the same day back to back. Either of these would have ended my day before my sessions with Dr. Rice. Now I can do BOTH, and still have the ability to hang out with friends or do something else.
Like I said, life changing!

Ana V | Feb 2023

Dr. Rice has been a blessing helping me feel better after an injury in the gym, for the longest time I couldn’t sit on two hour flights comfortably and found it difficult to be effective in my day job. Since coming to Dr. Rice, my low back pain has disappeared, I recently completed a 9 hour flight with no discomfort. The office is clean, welcoming and extremely well run. Dr. Rice is great, super inviting and a wonderful chiropractor

Connor F | Feb 2023

Dr Rice is very accommodating and amicable when dealing with his patients. His easy going demeanor and great sense of humor heals the soul.

I went in after a car accident and I couldn’t turn my head left without pain shooting up my neck. I had back/hip pain. He took the time to carefully listened to what I thought was wrong with my body, did some tests, and explained to me how we were going to proceed with treating my ailments.

I have been in pain for 4 excruciating months, even having to take time off work, before I saw Dr Rice. Though this may not be for all, I can only tell you my honest experience. After the first adjustment of my neck, I was able to turn my head left without the sharp pain that had been crippling me for months! I was able to drive home and check my blind spots without pain! The road to healing is a process and I am ever so blessed to be in the care of Dr Rice! Thank you Dr Rice!

Paul S | Feb 2023

Dr.Rice was very welcoming and professional. This was my first time at a chiropractor and he made sure to explain in detail what he was doing. Thankful for the great experience and look forward to seeing him again

Ariana T | Feb 2022

Dr. Rice is very friendly, my neck was hurting really bad about 2 months ago…after my 4th session i felt significant improvements. Pain lever was a whole lot less. I really recommend Dr. Rice!

Gilbert T | Feb 2022

I was in a car accident about 1 1/2 ago, still had pain. Within days of coming here I am feeling better than ever. I am very happy and Dr. Rice is one of the few who actually care and he is amazing, high recommend him!

Viridiana G | Feb 2022

Went to Dr Rice after months of pain. By my third trip I was is so much better health, it was amazing. He gets every bone back in place, even the ones I didn’t know were out, and makes me feel 5 feet taller after every visit. 10/10 I’ll always recommend. Even with the terrible puns

Darren & Lily M | Feb 2022

Dr. Rice is one of the best chiropractors I have come across. I suffer from dislocated discs and was not able to get in to see my regular doctor for chiropractic services. Dr. Rice got me in right away and gave me a chiropractic plan that helped me with the pain and back to feeling somewhat normal. I highly recommend Dr. Rice.

Sandra V | Feb 2022

I’ve had 6-8 visits here so far and I’m incredibly satisfied! I’m a mom, have lifestyle of fitness and also work in the medical field so it is extremely important for me to get an adjustments for my muscle pain and this place never disappoints! Dr. Rice is incredibly friendly, attentive and thorough. He takes my complaints seriously, alleviates my pain and aches. I always leave with a smile and amazing! Highly recommend.

Jessica V | Feb 2022

In just a short amount of time Dr. Rice has completely changed my life! I’m able to sleep peacefully now without any neck or back pain. My days aren;t full of constant pain and I feel so much better. I’ve never met a Dr as cool as him or as caring! He truly wants you to feel better!

Yesenia O | Feb 2022

I went to Dr. Rice because of my extreme pain, constant migraines, and because my depression was getting bad due of the pain. I no longer have the constant migraines. He has helped my TMJ which, in turn, helped my hearing. My body pain has lessened.
Knowing because of an accident that happened to me years ago, my pain will never be 100% gone, I never imagined it would be improved this much! I’m walking better and have more endurance.
Thank you, Dr. Rice! You’re the best!

Deb A | Feb 2022

Dr Rice has been a pleasure to work with since the beginning. He did a thorough evaluation and created a three month plan for me and my needs.. His scheduling process is very efficient and I always feel so much better after every adjustment.
Highly recommend if you are looking for an actual plan for correction and not just a one time adjustment!

Jamie M | Feb 2022

Dr Rice comes with my highest recommendation. I went to his office with a neurological medical condition that was really impacting my life. My “normal” doctors were at a loss, so I decided to give chiropractors a try. I’m so lucky to have landed with Dr. Rice. On my first visit He did not know a lot for my condition but he had heard of it. The second visit I came in he had spent so many hours on research that him an I were able to have a more in detail conversation than people who were supposed to be “specializing” in it.

Dr Rice understands that my condition can come on with out any notice and he makes time for me no matter what he has going on. He has even called me the next day to see how I am doing.

So I highly recommend if you’re looking for a chiropractor who is not only very knowledgeable and a great person with compassion but also puts the person first, I would advise you to stop in and meet Dr. Rice and his team.

Amy K | Feb 2022

My experience with Dr. Rice has been phenomenal! I’ve seen many different chiropractors across the US and none of them are as thorough as Dr. Rice. He’s able to locate the problem areas using state-of-the-art technology and not x-ray. Other chiropractors will just send you straight to the table and adjust you without even figuring out the problem! He truly cares about the betterment of his clients and sets himself apart from other practitioners. I highly recommend Rice Chiropractic and Wellness!

Corey S | Feb 2021

Dr. Rice is thoroughly educated in his field when it comes to healing and understanding the body’s need to be strategically readjusted in order to eliminate the misalignments in the spine as well as treating any problems with the joints and muscles. Super awesome guy and you can tell he is passionate about helping people get their health on track.

Kismet S | Feb 2021

Dr. Rice is phenomenal! I started going to Dr. Rice in my last trimester of pregnancy due to severe hip pain (I couldn’t walk up the stairs). After a few visits the pain went from severe to minimal (I could walk again!) and I had the easiest labor out of my three children. I’ve continued to see Dr. Rice postpartum for my back and neck. I am not over exaggerating when I say, going to Dr. Rice has been life changing. Dr. Rice takes a holistic approach. In addition to manual adjustments, Dr. Rice also works with muscles and tendons as well as giving you exercises or recommendations to strengthen and relax those muscles. After an adjustment he will ask you how you feel. Be honest because the same thing doesn’t work for everyone and he is happy to try something else to make sure you leave better than you came. In the time that I have seen Dr. Rice, he has made several updates including an electronic check-in process and new equipment. Dr. Rice is by far my favorite chiropractor I’ve seen!

Ashley E | Feb 2021