Dr Rice comes with my highest recommendation. I went to his office with a neurological medical condition that was really impacting my life. My “normal” doctors were at a loss, so I decided to give chiropractors a try. I’m so lucky to have landed with Dr. Rice. On my first visit He did not know a lot for my condition but he had heard of it. The second visit I came in he had spent so many hours on research that him an I were able to have a more in detail conversation than people who were supposed to be “specializing” in it.

Dr Rice understands that my condition can come on with out any notice and he makes time for me no matter what he has going on. He has even called me the next day to see how I am doing.

So I highly recommend if you’re looking for a chiropractor who is not only very knowledgeable and a great person with compassion but also puts the person first, I would advise you to stop in and meet Dr. Rice and his team.