Dr. Rice is phenomenal! I started going to Dr. Rice in my last trimester of pregnancy due to severe hip pain (I couldn’t walk up the stairs). After a few visits the pain went from severe to minimal (I could walk again!) and I had the easiest labor out of my three children. I’ve continued to see Dr. Rice postpartum for my back and neck. I am not over exaggerating when I say, going to Dr. Rice has been life changing. Dr. Rice takes a holistic approach. In addition to manual adjustments, Dr. Rice also works with muscles and tendons as well as giving you exercises or recommendations to strengthen and relax those muscles. After an adjustment he will ask you how you feel. Be honest because the same thing doesn’t work for everyone and he is happy to try something else to make sure you leave better than you came. In the time that I have seen Dr. Rice, he has made several updates including an electronic check-in process and new equipment. Dr. Rice is by far my favorite chiropractor I’ve seen!