This review is overdue but very much deserved, I can’t even put it all into words how much I was helped by Dr. Rice. LIFE CHANGING!
Before becoming a patient, I would end my desk job day with lower back pain so bad that I would want to cry and could not do a lot after work because I needed to lie down and rest my back to make it feel better so I could at least do 1 MAYBE 2 errands on a good day.
When I first became a patient Dr. Rice first asked me about my goals beyond our sessions so that we both knew what we were working towards. After only three months, I am a whole new person!!
I can now finish my work day without pain, and I have energy to actually do things after work! I can now go to the gym four times a week after work and still have the ability to run whatever errands I have time for without pain. The breakthrough moment for me was when I was able to do my laundry AND clean my room on the same day back to back. Either of these would have ended my day before my sessions with Dr. Rice. Now I can do BOTH, and still have the ability to hang out with friends or do something else.
Like I said, life changing!