Dr Rice is very accommodating and amicable when dealing with his patients. His easy going demeanor and great sense of humor heals the soul.

I went in after a car accident and I couldn’t turn my head left without pain shooting up my neck. I had back/hip pain. He took the time to carefully listened to what I thought was wrong with my body, did some tests, and explained to me how we were going to proceed with treating my ailments.

I have been in pain for 4 excruciating months, even having to take time off work, before I saw Dr Rice. Though this may not be for all, I can only tell you my honest experience. After the first adjustment of my neck, I was able to turn my head left without the sharp pain that had been crippling me for months! I was able to drive home and check my blind spots without pain! The road to healing is a process and I am ever so blessed to be in the care of Dr Rice! Thank you Dr Rice!