Better Health through Nutrition

Let’s get back to basics.

Food. Food is what we need. It can come from animals or plants. That is real food. When you take supplements, most of them are made in a chemical factory that uses products that will give you more harm than good. You may feel better, but you will also note that the body doesn’t like it because your urine is bright yellow. That bright yellow color means that your body is getting rid of excess stuff or it can not use what you took. Most of the supplement industry is not regulated, so there is no accountability. When you buy supplements at big block stores or chains, their only goal is profit. Yes, it may work for you, but what else are you getting with it?

Dr D’s Supplement Recommendations

I recommend a few lines of products. Standard Process is a good company because their supplements are made from food. What this means is that it has all the essentials that your body needs to use it. Another company I use is Melaleuca . The reason is that they have independent studies that show the effectiveness of their products. If they don’t work for you then you get your money back. That is putting yourself out there. I can also show you the research. The vitamin line is made of herbs and has helped so many people.

If you are interested in Standard Process and want to get a doctor’s guided approach, email me so I can send you the health questionnaire to help you with your health. Click here to shop Standard Process.

If you are interested in Melaleuca then email me and I can get your questions answered.

Have a healthy day!